The University of Virtual Applied Athletics

TUVAA The University of Virtual Applied Athletics

We Create Great Citizens Through Positive Athletic Participation
Live, Love, and Learn the Secrets of Athletic, Academic, and Social Networking at Your Own Pace and in Your Own Time

TUVAA is the new development program for students/athletes around the world. Virtual Educational programs, competitive Athletic Training/Games, Global Networking for future opportunities. All courses are Non-Accredited, all Athletic Participation is free of collegiate eligibility restrictions, and the programs are priced at a fraction of the cost compared to current collegiate trends. TUVAA is an educational program under the direction of Sophos International.

Our Purpose:

  • We learn for the sake of learning, not for the sake of earning a grade.
  • We develop skill sets to be efficient and effective warriors.
  • We play because we have a passion for our game

The Logistics:

  • $850 per Baseball Player Participation Fee
  • Evaluations/Prescriptions
  • Training/Games
  • Collegiate/Professional/International Networking
  • Evaluations/Prescriptions
  • Training/Games
  • Collegiate/Professional/
    International Networking
  • Free total access to TUVAA Courses
  • $150 per TUVAA Course

Our Mentors:

  • The TUVAA Team

The Network:

  • Baseball:

    Our players are networked via extensive Collegiate Coaching Circles, International Clubs, and professional Scouting Supervisors. We provide video support, international travel arrangements, professional workouts.
  • Academics:

    We coordinate students with educational and collegiate opportunities.